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17 Suspects Arrested In Connection With Kim Kardashian’s ROBBERY!

It’s been 3 months since Kim Kardashian-West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France. And up until now, there’s only been reports of an ‘on-going’ investigation. So we automatically began assume that, they’d NEVER find the culprits.


According to several outlets, 17 possible suspects have been arrested by French police in connection to the jewel heist! The suspects range in age, from 23 to 75 years old. And according to authorities, they’re ALL well-known from prior thefts and petty crimes.

While officials won’t release the names of the individuals, they have revealed that during raids, they recovered a stash of firearms and roughly $147,500 in cash!!!!

Allegedly, there will be a video line-up done for identification purposes that will involve Kim Kardashian very soon.


The amount of money recovered is nowhere near the $10 million dollars worth of stolen jewelry during the October attack, however following the recent leads, authorities are most certainly in high hopes.

It was initially reported that 5 men robbed Kim at gunpoint, and she begged them to spare her life! They stole all of her belongings, and left her without any physical harm however badly shaken!

The incident has caused him to distance herself from her business, and social media!

I’ll definitely keep you guys posted!


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