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5 Tips On How To Plan The Best ‘Girls Weekend’ EVER

Hopefully at some point during 2017, you and your girlfriends are planning a special getaway! At which time you’ll be FREE from the kids, your spouse, responsibilities, and NORMALCY! For most, some of the best moments in life have been created amongst good friends.

So with this article, we want to give you the TOP 5 tips we’ve come up with in order to help create the BEST girls weekend ever!

Tip #1: “Be Mindful Of Everyone’s Budget”

Keep in mind that everyone’s in different places financially, or like in every circle, you have those friends who are just CHEAP AS HELL for no apparent reason.

Nonetheless, it all has to be taken into consideration. Just because you make six figures doesn’t mean that EVERYONE can afford those sorts of accommodations. So if you’re the friend that’s actually been put in charge of planning the trip, find a balance for all parties involved.

This is NOT a easy task to do because no matter what, you’re going to receive complaints! So our advice is to just do your best!

Tip #2: “Pick Your Travel Mates VERY Carefully”

This can either be the best trip of the year or the WORST! And if this is the only time that you have to get away from your responsibilities, why not enjoy it?

You must accept that ALL of your friends are not good travel buddies! PERIOD! We’ve learned this the hard way.

If any of your friends are extremely moody, lazy, ‘debbie downer’, or just a pain to be around for long periods of time….. DON’T TAKE THEM. Seriously! Not only will it be bad for the trip, but parts of your relationship will be tarnished afterward.

You know your friends! You also know which ones are fun to hang out with, and which ones are just ‘occasional’ buds.

When planning your ‘girls trip,’ make sure to choose wisely.

Tip #3: “Plan To Do At Least ONE Thing That You’ve Never Done Before”

If you’ve been put in charge of the planning, make it a goal to take EVERYONE out of their comfort zones by planning at least one thing that’s never been done before. It doesn’t have to be outrageous!

Remember that during this trip, you want to create lasting memories! What better way of doing so, than by ‘creating the unexpected.’ 

Hopefully everyone that you’ve invited are risk takers like yourself, and will be open to participating!

Tip #4: “Try Booking A Resort Where Everyone Can Leisurely Move Around”

Of course this tip doesn’t relate to trips within the country. But if you plan to go to Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc…. Try booking a resort where there’s PLENTY of things to do because if your girlfriends are normally on a schedule, we highly doubt that this is how they want to spend their vacation.

Maybe make it a rule that you guys meet up for lunch and/or dinner! But allow everyone to go off into groups and enjoy themselves doing what interest them.

OVER planning is annoying for EVERYONE involved!

Tip #5: “Plan This Trip WAYYYYYYY In Advance”

The ‘girls weekend’ trip should be planned at least 6 months to 1 year in advance!

First off, it’s going to take a while for everyone to actually agree on a desired date due to personal obligations. Also keep in mind that some of the people you invite will back out, EVEN AFTER paying a deposit. So you’ll have to re-calculate cost at least 1 or 2 times.

Give yourself or the planner enough time for all of the excuses ahead!

Other than that, simply


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