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5 Insider Skincare Tips From a Facial Guru!

“Beautiful skin requires COMMITMENT, not a MIRACLE.”          Erno Laszlo

Unfortunately society’s perception of what is considered ‘beautiful’ has caused people to care less about their skin, and MORE about how they can achieve “the look”. In fact, most don’t even adapt a consistent skin regime until their late 20’s after so much damage has been done.

In some cases, the damage is so severe that not even a licensed dermatologist can really help. They’ll tell the patient that in order to see results, they need to pump themselves with all sorts of pills and use multiple facial creams all at once. Often times causing the skin to be irritated even more.

After studying several “facial guru’s ” over the past few month, we wanted to share the TOP 5 insider skin care tips that will not only improve your skin, but your overall health as well.

Invest in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a very long time! -Lynden Tyler

Insider#1: Sleep & Exercise

Want to get rid of access baggage and dark circles underneath of your eyes? Make sure that your getting the proper rest. According to researchers, you should be receiving no less than 6-7 hours of sleep per night! Anything less affects you brain activity, your drive, and your skin!

Also, Exercise!!!!

Many underestimate the power of setting aside 30 minutes per day to invest in exercising. Always remember that anything you do for 30+ days become apart of your daily routine. When you consistently exercise you change your diet, and you begin to drink plenty of water [which is what your body craves, and is the healthiest for your skin].

Insider #2: Selective Beverages [Water & Tea ONLY]

Most don’t really realize the amount of internal and external damage done by digesting sodas [whether dark or light]. Research has shown that the phosphoric acid in soda can soften the enamel on your teeth, increasing your risk for tooth decay and cavities. And within 20 minutes of drinking a canned soda, your blood levels spike and your liver responds to the spike by turning sugar into fat for storage!

We can go on and on about soda, but we’ll stop right there because there seems to be a misconception about substituting juices for sodas.


Some juices are just as unhealthy as drinking a can of soda. Why? Because MOST are loaded with sugar! The small amounts of vitamins and antioxidants in the juice do not make up for the large sugar amounts. And unfortunately, beverage manufacturers aren’t always honest about the ingredients in their products. So even if something is labeled “100% Pure”, it can be 1,000% False!!!!

Bottom line: Excessive amounts of sugar and acid isn’t good for your body or skin! Stick to water and natural tea [minus adding sugar].

Insider #3: Mindful Eating

A healthy transformation is 85% of what you eat and 15% of what you do!

Greasy/fried food, fast food restaurants, excessive carbs, etc….

Those foods aren’t healthy food you, and often times cause a disruption to your skin. So be mindful of your food intake, and it’s affect on different parts of your body.

Insider #4: Natural Beauty Products For Hair & Skin

We stress this OVER and OVER again constantly. Choose frugal beauty products for hair & skin! Try to stay with brands that create natural products. Or choose to use various products in it’s natural state [i.e. Shea Butter].

Often times, products have many added toxins that causes skin irritation! Yet we are unaware of it because we fail to do the proper research prior to our purchase and/or read the label. Not realizing that a quick fix could lead to years of repair!

Insider #5: Makeup & STRICT Makeup Removal Regimen

You must learn to give yourself at least 3-4 days off per week without wearing makeup. You can have the best skincare regimen in the world, but it’s ineffective because you NEVER give your face a break!

When you do decide to wear makeup, create a strict removal regimen!

Want acne? Want clogged pores? Want skin irritation? Continue to SLEEP in your makeup! We promise you’ll be prone to ALL of the above!

It’s okay to wear makeup, but you want to continuously protect your skin as well!

And here’s the catch, if you take care of your skin you’ll worry less about “makeup protection” anyway!


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