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Actor Jay Ellis Get’s New Web Series, “Hard Medicine” On The Urban Movie Channel

Insecure star Jay Ellis, also known as the man millions of women despise right now, has landed a new web series on the movie channel titled, “Hard Medicine.”

‘Hard Medicine’ is a web comedy series produced by Ellis and his partner Paula Bryant-Ellis. The show available on the Urban Movie Channel [which happens to be a subscription based streaming service] has the following synopsis according to Deadline:

“Created by Melissa Eno Effa, the eight episode project centers on a quirky medical doctor of a low-income health clinic who must maneuver between demanding corporate heads, outlandish patients and her wacky but loyal staff– all in an effort to keep the community’s haven of health care afloat. Effa stars along with Nicole Slaughter, Celest Turner, Jeff Hunt and Ashley Narvaez. The series will be available to stream August 16 on UMC.”

We actually had a chance to take a look at the first episodes of the series and it’s “Meh….”  Guess Jay’s trying to create a hit like Issa Rae.

Check it out for yourself by [CLICKING HERE]


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