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And The GRAMMY Award Goes To……..

Written By Entertainment/Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd] [1/29/2018]

Last night marked the WRAP-UP of “GRAMMY” weekend 2018! And instead of acknowledging the artist won awards [as you presumed I would], I’d like to use this time to shine light on EVERYONE whose chosen to pursue their dreams!

Since it’s a known fact that in order to attain success at greater heights we must begin to “march to the tunes of our own beat”, I believe that we should in return shower ourselves with love/recognition; and in a sense……

Accept our own damn GRAMMY Awards!

Now, what category you’ve been nominated for would depend solely on you!

As for me…… I’m 2017’s “Best New Artist”. Why?! Well that’s simple. I’m uniquely me and it shows in everything that I do, especially my writing style.

“You must be able to listen & decipher through the sounds in music before you can begin to create!”

In my case, it’d be the sounds of positive & negative opinions, feedback, and the overwhelming feeling of living up to daily social quotes.

So on this motivational Monday, I encourage you all you all to accept your award & congratulate yourself for working through all the sounds of hate you’ve received thus far. The overwhelming NO’s that eventually turned into YES’s.

Give a speech of triumph to your consistent audience that always cheers on your success through the good & bad. And most importantly, THANK YOURSELF!

We all have doubted ourselves and though about giving up at one point or another in life. But it’s always the sounds of spoken word that motivates most to keep going. To me, it’s the…..



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