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#ATLOrgy Creator Interviews With “Rolling Out” & Responds To Black Twitter…. [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

*This is NOT a hoax! I repeat, this is NOT a hoax!*

The hashtag [#ATLOrgy] began trending last night and hasn’t stopped since. The attention for the “orgy” has grown so big, that individuals are flying from the West Coast just to attend! Crazy?!

However while we may think that this ‘orgy’ is crazy, lovers of sex call Cidney Green a marketing genius!

Who is Cidney Green?

Cidney Green was a blogger [Total Liberation], CEO of Total Lip Service [The World’s First Phone Sex Academy], and the Creator of kundalinikak.com. In fact if you visit her kundalinkkak page [Click HERE], and click on the tab “Cidney’s 27th Birthday Swash” you’ll get all the details needed for #ATLOrgy.

As a phone sex operator, Cidney’s quite the ‘free spirit,’ and for her 27th birthday instead of the normal dance party soiree, she decided to throw a orgy.

“This is my 27th birthday and this overnight event will encompass everything I love and adore:

Great vibes, Good Ratchet Music, Amazing Food and Swangin Balls!

From Saturday, March 18th thru Sunday, March 19th guests from all over will enjoy a fun-filled evening full of sex at a ‘undisclosed’ location. Which according to Cidney had to be changed twice due to the amount of people interested in attending!

To describe the event, Cidney says:

“This is all about FREEDOM and reconnecting to the carefree part of who you are. That’s why this is a slumber party in a place where you can drink, dance, fuck, pass out then sleep in late!”

You say FREEDOM, we say Scary!

And apparently we aren’t the only ones giving Cidney’s event the side-eye!

Check out some of these twitter comments: [Sidenote: While she thought the memes were amusing, Cidney called black twitter IDIOTS]

“The Walking Dead started in ATL, now this is happening. They tried to warn us. Wake up!! Lol. #ATLOrgy #outbreak”

“#ATLorgy so ya’ll know before ya’ll go. ATL HIV+ 30,162 Population” @Amina_Horne

“A dash of AIDS #ATLOrgy” @TifeTheBawse

One man even posted a picture of a “full body condom suit” claiming that would be his outfit for the evening!

While many joke and laugh, this is an actual lifestyle for a large number of the world’s population with roughly 84% being married. The swingscene.com reports:

“As it turns out, 89.4% of swingers actually are married couples or in a committed relationship. The years in their marriage averages roughly 10.5 years. This bit of information shows how the old adage of swingers being middle-aged couples wanting something new in their lives might actually be true to some extent.”

What’s more interesting is that media sites like Bossip.com and RollingOut.com leaped on the opportunity to produce a story! But RollingOut actually gained the exclusive! In a released interview [Above] we get a chance to hear the idea behind the party, Cidney’s personal thoughts on what it means to be liberated, her following, and why she’s didn’t appreciate Rolling Out focusing on HIV/AIDS in their article. 

“You talk a lot about HIV/AIDS in your article and no offense but a lot of people are just really ignorant when it comes to how diseases are even formulated in the body. It’s all about vibration, and its all based on emotion. It is ‘dis-ease’ break down the word. That’s disharmony in the body. When you hold onto negative emotion to long it manifest itself in the body in the form of headaches, menstrual cramps, AIDS, diabetes…. whatever.”

She goes on to say:

“And that’s the reason why black women have most of the AID’S because they’re the most sexually repressed.”


Please watch the FULL interview, and tell me what you think below.


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