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[Audio RECAP] Beverly Hills is still Fabulous! Elgin Charles Teams Up with Famed Writer and Publishing Powerhouse Ardre Orie to Pen Memoir!

Atlanta, Georgia [10/3/2017]: After 25+ years in the entertainment/beauty industry, “The Emperor of Hair,” Elgin Charles has decided to release a memoir detailing NOT his career but his journey!

Many have grown to know Mr. Charles as not only the former husband of actress Jackee Harry, but also as the ONLY male salon owner in Beverly Hills whose responsible for primping the heads of celebrities such as: Tia & Tamera Mowry, Joan Collins, Diahann Carroll, Drew Berrymore, Gabrielle Union, and Serena Williams [just to name a few]. But with his upcoming memoir, Mr. Charles aims to let the world know that he is SO MUCH MORE than what’s assumed. His “over the top” personality [as shown on “Beverly Hills Fabulous”] is NOT who he truly is……

“There’s a lot of things I’m exposing that people don’t know about me.”

Throughout our twenty-five [25] minute telephone conversation, we were definitely introduced to another side of Mr. Charles! One that was quiet, polite, spiritually sound, a little frightened about potential backlash, yet DETERMINED to serve.

When asked WHY after so many years, did he decide to tell his story now? Mr. Charles had the following to say:

“Well the book has nothing to do with my career. That’s one thing! The story I want to tell is about my journey. I felt like I owed it to God as well as all my friends and fans to really get to know the man that I am, and the struggles I go through spiritually as well as financially. — And just how God shows favor on me, and allow me to be the first man to own a salon in Beverly Hills for the last 25 years. I actually wrote a book before, years ago, “Believe It, Conceive It, Achieve It.” But it’s self published so I’ve always wanted to work with a publisher and I really needed to do something collaborative way that would make my story wonderful and leave my legacy. So I met Andre and we connected and we’ve been working together. We have a chemistry and she’s so wonderful to work with, plus she has a way of getting it out of you and still making you comfortable with letting your guard down. She will make you look good and she protects you. But mainly it’s time to share and let people know the man, he husband, the father, the hairstylist to the stars, the businessman, and more than anything THE LOVE I HAVE FOR GOD.”

You think that’s good, it gets better! Ardre Orie, the woman Mr. Charles speaks of is a famed writer and publishing POWERHOUSE. Ardre is the CEO of “13th & Joan” publishing company, and has helped other celebrities like reality star Amina Buddafly, and MTV’s Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin [who’ll be starring on the newest season of “Marriage Bootcamp”]. So why hire the “Queen of Storytelling” to help you release the memoir? Because she’s known for helping to tell stories of pain & transparency. In fact, that’s what she claims makes “13th & Joan” different from the million other publishing companies today.

“13th & Joan is a publishing company, a multi-media publishing company and we specialize in memoirs. We really have a passion for telling the stories and bringing to light a lot of things that people don’t know about celebrities and all of our amazing clients. I think that the most important aspect about our company is that we’re always enthusiastic about bringing stories to life, such as Mr. Charles. There’s NO story I can’t tell.”

Mrs. Orie, whose also a mother, wife, and domestic violence survivor went on to say after she and Mr. Charles’ energies collided and she REALLY got to know his story, the rest was history.

“Energy is a real thing and people don’t believe that you can find that energy through social media, but Mr. Charles and I found each other on social media. And he is an avid believer in zodiac signs & finding out who people really are! I have been following Mr. Charles’ story forever! I mean when I saw him on his reality show I was taken aback. I started thinking, ‘Well, why does my hair not look like that? What do I need to do?’ I was just so involved in his story. So to be able to touch basis on social media, we reach out to each other. He commented on one of my photos and I immediately send him a direct message. Only to find out that he had commented on another photo about something very similar, and we found snergy. And he has such an amazing story that I would be a fool not to capitalize on the opportunity to partner with him.”

 Can you imagine reaching out to your favorite a-lister and them responding back? It doesn’t happen as frequently as you’d think. This is what sets Mr. Charles apart from many of his peers! He’s relatable, and we’re sure that while it may “rattle” a few feathers, it will most certainly inspire most. Especially concerning the fact that he’s going to elaborate on what we’ve all been wondering…. Why did you leave a career in finance for beauty? What about your upbringing in Texas? What is the current status of you and Jackee’s relationship? Do you still live together? What about Frank your son? + SO MUCH MORE.

Elgin has truly been a walking hollywood mystery, which is why it was so easy for us to fall in love with whom we assumed him to be based off of reality television. LOUD & IN CHARGE! Both of which does not describe the man we were able to chat with. The man promoting his memoir! That man says:

“My whole thing is to edify & glorify God in it, because this is my journey and my journey is to get through the earthly realm and enter into the heavenly realm. For God to say, ‘Well done my good and faithful servant.’ But to get there I’m also dealing with all the struggles I have as a man trying to abide by the rules of man & God. There’s just so much your combating as a human [spirit, soul, body]. The perceived ideas about me is not the man that I am. I’m a conservative guy. I’m lowkey, but when I have to step out on faith I do so. I’m a tall, dark, handsome kind of guy and I just want to show the dynamics of the person.”

Mr. Charles laughed while referring to himself as ‘talk, dark, and handsome,’ and while we laughed along with him, we began to understand why he needed to tell his story! The world needs to know that he’s a man of the cloth! That he began growing his relationship with God after the many tragedies during the 80’s! That he finds it absolutely true that FAITH is where his strength comes from!

But when he stated:

“It wasn’t about me, but what God wanted to do with me. So he just opened doors and I walked through them.”

We could’ve shouted!

Hollywood has the tendency of chewing good people up, and spitting them out as if they’ve never existed! So to KNOW that you’ve been called upon to serve, and doing so IN SPITE OF your circumstances is something to be proud of.

Mr. Charles thanks God for helping him to operate in his gift and purpose, because it helped him to create a name for him; which was very important because he didn’t want to just be labeled as:

“Mr. Harry”

Which he says was a HUGE struggle within itself! His ex-wife is Jackee Harry…. Miss 227 for crying out loud. In fact, he states that speaking on his personal life was the hardest part about working on the book with Mrs. Orie. Why? Because he’s private, and having to explain situations to someone when he’s never spoken about certain things to those closest to him was challenging. We can imagine, which is why we asked writer/creative visionary Mrs. Orie about his story telling from her angle, to which she stated:

“There are so many levels. I listen to so many stories and hear different stories every single day. But Mr. Charles has so many layers to his story. In a lot of scenarios what we have gone through in our childhood, experiences with our families, etc.. shape who we are. What people see on the outside are shaped by our past experiences. So I pull on that because there are some painful things, some memories that we tuck away. I’m pulling a lot of understanding… — We’re all created with a spiritual being in us but then at the same time what makes some of us cling more or run more to our spirituality then others? So our last conversation has been understanding on a very deep level. Why did Mr. Charles head for the hills? Why did he go so deeply into spirituality in the midst of Hollywood? You’re in Hollywood. There’s so much going on there. What would make you be so inclined to do that? I’m going deep into the questions a lot of people what to know. Why is your hair better than mine Mr. Charles? Mr. Charles, who do you like? So we’re going deep into that. And he has explicitly said to me, ‘This is uncomfortable!’ And that’s how we know we’re in the right place. He’ll say, ‘We’ll thats enough for today, that’s it.’ And I’ll say, ‘Okay. good.’ Because I know that we’ve put a lot of pressure.”

Ardre Orie makes it perfectly clear that in this memoir the only persons story you will get is Mr. Charles’. He gets to tell it the way he wants, how he wants, in the order he wants! IT’S ALL HIM!

When we asked what piece of advice Mr. Charles & Mrs. Orie would give to their younger selves, it was breath-taking. All responses led back to childhood upbringing and/or drama!

Mrs. Orie simply stated that she would tell her younger self to write down your pain, because her pain transformed into passion, which transformed into purpose, which led to profit!

Meanwhile, Mr. Charles stated:

“The stories I’m going to tell you are of how my father raised me, how I was trying to conform to the military side, and how I respected him so much. So when my father went with God that’s when I said, ‘Okay, I’m ready to tell my story,’ because I had so much respect for my father that I guess I wanted to spare him. But now he’s gone on. I don’t know if I should have been more of myself. But now I’m ready to tell the world because the world needs to know who I am completely and I need them to know who I am. So if I had to tell my younger self something based on what I’d been through, I’d say be courageous and do not conform just because society expects you to. Be yourself, and let God just take you and use you to the world.”

Not only did Mr. Charles and Mrs. Orie exclusively reveal that after the book goes on sale in January 2018

He’s going on a US book tour!!!!

But also that we may be seeing Elgin Charles on our television screens once again very soon!

For the FULL interview, click on the video above. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again to Elgin Charles, Ardre Orie, and Jauntel Taffe for arranging this interview.

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