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B.O.B. Talks About His New Album “ETHER”…. [Drops FRIDAY, May 12th]

The last time we heard from B.O.B., he’d broken the internet over his comments about the “earth” being FLAT! [Which by the way, he still believes!]

Via TheJasmineBrand.com

“It’s the mother of all conspiracies. It’ll never get old. People still talk about the 9/11 conspiracy theory you know but I think these things (discussions) should kind of bring us closer to understand more and not divide us.”

Nonetheless, he’s BACK, and currently on a media run for his album “Ether.” It’s been so far, so good for the Georgia native who released one of the top requested tracks to date, “4 LIT featuring T.I. & Ty Dolla Sign.” 

But here’s what’s even more amazing…. during a recent interview BoB REALLY opened up to his fans about what’s been going on in his life. And we’re glad because ‘inquisitive minds have been wandering….’ 

When we heard that BoB was naming his album ‘ETHER’ we automatically thought about Nas’ track from his 2001 album ‘Stillmatic,’ and couldn’t help but to wonder if Bob’s album would be able to hold that sort of weight musically. But BoB says his album uses the word ‘ETHER’ in another way!

“The ether I’m referring to is the ether that Nikola Tesla was referring to. So um…. it kind of implies a lot you know when you really, I guess, look up different definitions. For me it refers to the etheric realm in which all matter and thought move through.”

The Nicola Tesla that BoB is referring to is responsible for ‘futuristic’ technology that he envisioned over 100 years ago. Tesla truly believed in harnessing the power of the universe and it’s energies. Which all makes sense when you think about Bob’s constant mindset. So in return, we are expecting some sort of psycho-delic, straight VIBE OUT feel from the album.

ETHER is scheduled for release THIS FRIDAY, May 12th and B.O.B. has also announced “The Elements Tour” which kicks off June 8th in Jacksonville, North Carolina thru July 27th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Check out the FULL Tour schedule below.




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