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[Beauty] Makeup, Makeup, EVERYWHERE!

Written by lifestyle/entertainment contributor: Markita Folkes [ @markitamichel_ ]

“HOME is where your make-up stash is!”

Makeup should only be considered as a “beauty enhancer” for women, and not necessarily to be worn everyday!

Daily essentials can consist of mascara, lip gloss, and even eyeliner BUT not necessarily a full face of makeup.

Our culture wants us to see ‘beauty’ as fake and exaggerated. Examples being: fake boobs, fake makeup, and fake figures; all for what seems to be marketing, advertising, and capitalism centered.

Let’s be beautiful. JUST BEAUTIFUL! No need to cover up our natural beauty–embrace it.

What’s even more tempting for women are the celebrity/ brand collaborations. Examples being:

  • Nicki Minaj x M.A.C.
  • Fenty Beauty By Rihanna
  • Aaliyah x M.A.C. [2018]

Once there is an “A” list celebrity behind a product, EVERYONE’S willing to test and/or be an ambassador!

No, there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup occasionally, but it doesn’t have to be everyday…. And unfortunately, we see it DAILY!


If you are a makeup artist then that’s one thing, but to simply apply makeup everyday is a tad bit EXTREME.

Young girls, ESPECIALLY need to be taught that makeup ISN’T forever. At the end of the night, you wash it off and look at yourself in the mirror. We must learn to LOVE that person looking back. You must love, embrace, and be proud of the natural YOU!

Makeup is fun, creative, and vibrant!

Use it in that way, and not to cover up or hide the real YOU!



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