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Best Selling Author/ Dating Relationship Expert Stacii Jae Johnson Gives Away 100 Copies Of Her Book “Date Girl” For Valentine’s Day! [Enter To WIN]

“My goal is to connect, educate, inspire and empower single women everywhere to power their lives forward with The Single Girls Club’s ‘living, laughing, learning, loving me’ mantra. My belief is that a single woman living her life to the fullest as a whole individual will mani- fest all things whole in her life, love and career.” -Stacii Jae Johnson

Actress, radio personality, television host, lifestyle influencer, and author Stacii Jae Johnson is DOMINATING the scene right now! From her continuously thriving acting career, to the success of her latest self-help book, “Date, Girl: 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men;” Staci has proven that she’s IN IT TO WIN IT.

Coincidently yet ironically, with ALL that she’s accomplished over the last few decades, Stacii’s most recently been recognized as being the “Dating GAWD.” Through her book, ‘Date, Girl’ she’s helping to transform the way women approach dating and relationships. Stacii’s very controversial philosophy on women dating MULTIPLE men at once has BOTH intrigued many, and confused others. Nevertheless, she’s received a great response surrounded by support from women in various places.


Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?

For Valentine’s Day, Stacii Jae is giving away 100 “Date,Girl” books to single ladies who post a 1 minute video onto social media recalling either (1) their worst date EVER, or (2) the thing they hate most about dating. 

The GRAND Prize winner will receive a ONE night’s stay at a Marriott Brand Hotel!!!!!

Here’s what you MUST to do to win:

(1) Post a 1 minute video on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter explaining why you want to win a ‘Date, Girl’ : girls night READ party & also speak about your “worst date ever” OR “why you love/hate dating.”

All contestants must start the video stating: “Stacii Jae, I want my Date, Girl Book!” 

(2) Use the hashtags: #iwantmydategirlbook #staciijae #readparty

(3) Must agree to HOST a ‘Date, Girl’: girls night in…. READ PARTY. [ The Party MUST be in February & Stacii Jae will provide the books to ALL guests]

(4) During the night of the read party, the host MUST do a 1 minute video with girlfriends and post it to all social media accounts using the same hashtags as detailed in Point#2

If you’ll agree to the above mentioned conditions then….. LET’S GET STARTED!

Step #1: Create Your Video!

For more information visit: StaciiJaeJohnson.com 

The contest ends FEBRUARY 10th!


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