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Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Talk Show Has Been Cancelled!

It was just announced that Bishop T.D. Jakes’ inspirational talk show will NOT return for a second season!

According to Bob Sullivan [Tegna Senior VP of Programming]:

“We are really proud of T.D. Jakes. It has been an honor to work with T.D. Jakes and his organizations as well as our partner 44 Blue Productions. They’ve been outstanding champions in making the Jakes program a reality. Together, we produced a show that was compelling, real and the closest thing to Oprah since she left the air. Despite the quality of the show and talent, we will not pursue a second season due to the current economics of daytime TV.”

Bishop Jakes has yet to respond!

The show would broadcast on Oprah’s OWN Network with a vision to:

“Inspire everyone to pursue your highest calling by discovering your purpose.”

Unlike most talk-shows, TD Jakes has choose to focus more on innovative and motivational topics surrounding business and family.

We thought it was a pretty good show, even though most we’ve talked to found it quite boring.


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