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Carlos Santana’s In HOT Water After Saying Beyonce Can’t “Sing, Sing” Like Adele!

” You GON Learn Today NOT To Come For Bey!”

It’s no secret that Beyonce’s ‘die hard’ fans don’t really play when it comes to people throwing shade her way! So after singer Carlos Santana’s recent interview where he threw MAJOR shade her way, we knew that it was only a matter of time before things got ugly.

While MOST have been pretty upset that Beyonce didn’t win “Album Of The Year” at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, Carlos Santana is quite pleased with the fact that she didn’t.

According to Santana’s recent interview with the AP, he says Adele won because she can “sing, sing” and Beyonce “not so much.”


“I think that Adele won because she can sing, sing. With all respect to our sister Beyonce, Beyonce is very beautiful to look at and it’s more like modeling kind of music- music to model a dress- she’s not a singer, singer, with all respect to her.”

He goes on to say:

“Adele can sing sing. She doesn’t bring all the dancers and props, she can just stand there and she just stood there and sang the song and that’s it, and this is why she wins.”

Now you know the ‘beyhive’ wasn’t going to allow Carlos to get away with those sorts of comments.

“Beyonce sings her face off. Why put her down to elevate Adele? She doesn’t need your help Carlos Santana! Legends don’t behave this way!” @tamstarz

“Carlos Santana done smoked too many joints.” @privyteBee19

“Why does everyone attack Beyonce and disrespect her? Leave her tf alone. She doesn’t tlk negatively about anyone smh #CarlosSantana” @Cocoahontas

“I seen Carlos Santana trending and thought he died…well he kinda did w this foolishness #CarlosSantana” @blshirelle8

The amount of comments are ENDLESS!!!!

So much so that Carlos Santana has responded via a Facebook post!

In the post he states:

“I would like to clarify a comment that was reported when I was doing an interview for some upcoming shows in Australia & New Zealand. My intent was to congratulate Adele on her amazing night at the Grammies. My comment about Beyonce was regretfully taken out of context. I have the utmost respect for her as an artist and a person. She deserves all the accolades that come her way. I wish Beyonce and her family all the best. Carlos.”


Please take several seats! You intentionally meant EVERY word you said!

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