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How Much Does Your Face Cost? [Beauty Routine In Dollars]

  Personally Written By Kierra M Have you ever paid attention to how much money you spend MONTHLY on your beauty supplies? More specifically, ‘makeup.’  Probably Not! Or how about the number of products you purchase but NEVER use! If you’re like me and “2017” is about dedication and elevation, then …

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Why You Need More Sleep Than Your Boyfriend!

Why? Why? Why? [Martin Lawrence Voice] It’s a proven fact that women can do almost ANYTHING a male can do, without question. However, in everything that we do, we must be careful and understand that our body systems are still VERY different. Therefore, they must be taken care of in a …

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Hair Product Review: “Bentonite Clay And Apple Cider Vinegar”

“Beautiful hair requires COMMITMENT, not a miracle.” Blogged By Senior Writer: @BlogPenit_ Hola Ladies….. This post was specifically designed for all of my natural “hair care” women! As you know, it’s EXTREMELY hard to find the right products for your hair. So whenever something works for me, I love sharing …

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5 Insider Skincare Tips From a Facial Guru!

“Beautiful skin requires COMMITMENT, not a MIRACLE.”          Erno Laszlo Unfortunately society’s perception of what is considered ‘beautiful’ has caused people to care less about their skin, and MORE about how they can achieve “the look”. In fact, most don’t even adapt a consistent skin regime until …

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