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#WeekendRewind Soulja Boy AVOIDS Jail Time!

Soulja must have paid those attorney’s A LOT of money to get him out of this mess! Remember in December 2016 when rapper Soulja Boy was arrested and charged with felony possession of an assault weapon, and a felon being in possession of a firearm? And to make matters worse, …

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Yikes! Floyd Mayweather SPAZZES On A Cheerleading Announcer After His Daughter’s Team Finished In 2nd Place! [Video]

The CHAMP, Floyd Mayweather refuses to LOSE! On Sunday, Floyd Maywether went ballistic on cheerleading announcer Jeff Krapf at his daughter’s ‘youth cheerleading competition’ after her team finished in 2nd place. Floyd claimed that he witnessed “cheating” in the competition and made it clear that he wouldn’t ‘stand for it,’ especially …

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