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No Valentine?! Love Can STILL Be In The Air…..

ALL Is Not Lost! There’s no use in posting ‘bitter’ words onto your social media platforms because you don’t have a Valentine. It’s Okay!  Honestly speaking, who said that you had to be in a relationship to celebrate this holiday?  We understand that historically speaking, on Valentine’s day roughly 150 …

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TOP 5 Items Used To Affectively Run KMWExclusive Daily!

Frequently, we receive emails or direct messages via social media asking several questions regarding what it takes to run a blog site. And fortunately enough for you guys, we’re NOT one of the sites who like to withhold information which could lead to your future success. Trust me, we weren’t …

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Best Selling Author/ Dating Relationship Expert Stacii Jae Johnson Gives Away 100 Copies Of Her Book “Date Girl” For Valentine’s Day! [Enter To WIN]

“My goal is to connect, educate, inspire and empower single women everywhere to power their lives forward with The Single Girls Club’s ‘living, laughing, learning, loving me’ mantra. My belief is that a single woman living her life to the fullest as a whole individual will mani- fest all things …

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TOP 2 Planners That Will Help Generate Success In 2017!

According to researchers, roughly 80% of Americans battle with time management. For reasons that vary, it’s been determined that we have trouble finding balance between our business and personal endeavors. But what’s ironic is that we’ve realized, whether business or personal, the success of our day depends solely on 3 things: …

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The Carter’s Are Expecting TWINS!!!

If it’s one thing that Carter’s are best at, it’s BREAKING THE INTERNET; which is exactly what they did today when Beyonce posted a picture of herself pregnant referencing that she’s pregnant with twins. [See The Picture Below] Nonetheless, Congratulations is definitely in order!

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5 Margaritas You Must Try On Cinco De Mayo 2017!

Cinco De Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 1862. Contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT Mexican Independence Day! In the United States Of America, it’s a day most just use to GET DRUNK off of margaritas! Why? Because no matter …

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