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[Lifestyle] Look In The Mirror…. That Is Your COMPETITION!

Lifestyle/Entertainment Contributor: Markita Folkes [@markitamichel_ ] It becomes very easy to compare yourself to others when your social media pages are flooded with “professional” looking images all day. But the harsh reality is that, when you compete with others you’re really judging yourself based off of someones else’ values and/or …

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[Lifestyle] Women Can Do It All, TOO!

Lifestyle/Entertainment Contributor: Markita Folkes [ @markitamichel_ ] YES, we can! We often times hear that women are incapable of doing what men do everyday! However ironically enough, YES we can work a full time job and take care of our families at home. Very rarely do women get the credit …

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[Lifestyle] “Don’t Rush Your Come Up!”

Lifestyle/Entertainment Contributor: Markita Michel [ @markitamichel_ ] Have you ever heard or read the phrase, ‘Don’t rush your come up?’ It’s more relevant and popular these days, especially as a result of the POWER of social media! Social media has a way of making people think that they aren’t succeeding …

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[Lifestyle] “MESSAGE ME”

Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ] What’s more important in life? Funny text messages between you and your friends, or unintended messages from strangers? I believe that messages from outsiders hold more value for inspiration. Don’t You? One day I was tuned into a interview on Power 105.1’s “The …

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Lamar Odom Talks Sobriety With Wendy Williams!

If you missed former NBA player Lamar Odom’s appearance on “The Wendy Williams” show yesterday, we’d urge you to click on the link above before reading this post. Everyone has either struggled with an addiction themselves or has been close to someone who may have dealt with it. Nonetheless, it’s …

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