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Hey Girl, I May Be Outgrowing My Friends!

[1/10/2018] Hey Girl, I’ve known my two best-friends since I was 8 years old, now we’re 21 years old. We’ve always celebrated birthdays together, special occasions, our families are close, etc… But I think I may be outgrowing them, and I don’t know how to tell them! Things that they …

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Hey Girl! I’m INSECURE And It’s Starting To Show!

[1/8/2018] Hey Girl, I never realized how insecure I am until recently. I mean, there’s been plenty of red signals, but things have certainly taken a turn for the worst. Kierra I critique almost EVERYTHING about myself! My hair is never good enough, the way clothing fits, my weight, there’s …

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Hey Girl! What Are Your Thoughts On Plastic Surgery?

12/29/2017 Hey Girl, It’s almost the New Year and I’m so excited, 2017 wasn’t the best year for me! So in the spirit of everything new, I’m contemplating getting liposuction! However, I’ve been getting mixed opinions about it. So I wanted to get your thoughts on things. Have you ever …

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Many React To The Death Of Veteran News Anchor Amanda Davis!

Iconic Atlanta news anchor, Amanda Davis, passed away yesterday [12/27/2017] as a result of a massive stroke; brought on at that Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport. [Click HERE] According to reports, Davis was en route to Texas for the funeral of her step-father who’d passed away last week. Davis released the …

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Hey Girl! How Do You Get Over A Heartbreak?

12/27/2017 Hey Girl, I’ve been single for 1 year yet I’m still heartbroken over my past relationship. The only difference between NOW & THEN is that, I’m better at hiding my feelings. But there are times like today when I just want to cry. Dating? tried that. Sex? temporary pleasure. …

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