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[Lifestyle] Why Are Side-chicks Glorified?!

S I D E C H I C K : [noun.] [plural side chicks] [African American Vernacular, slang] A mistress; a woman one dates in addition to one’s girlfriend or wife, usually in secret. The millennial term “side-chick” seems to carry the same meaning as “jezebel,” which is what our great-grandmothers, …

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Power Star Naturi Naughton Is EXPECTING Her First Child!

Congratulations to POWER star Naturi Naughton and her longtime boyfriend Ben! Today she revealed her pregnancy news EXCLUSIVELY with People Magazine, landing the front cover. Naturi states: “It’s been a little surreal, but I feel really good, healthy and strong. I feel like being pregnant and entering this new stage …

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[Lifestyle] “Dear Future Self…..”

Written Personally By KierraM: We often times see individuals “penning” open letters to their younger selves discussing things they wish’d they’d known and/or how to navigate through life. Very rarely do we find letters toward our “future selves,” which is ironic because it’s just as important to speak words of …

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[Lifestyle] Ted TALKS “Figuring Out Your Purpose In Life”

In the year 2017 most don’t turn to books and/or mentors for motivation, instead they rely on ‘storytelling’ from speakers who’ve gone through similar experiences and have overcome. Which is why seminars  like “Ted Talks” have become a huge phenomenon. Beginning as a conference for technology, entertainment, and design; ‘Ted …

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TOP 3 Winter Date Night Suggestions….

During the summer it doesn’t really take much to plan the PERFECT date night for you and your lover. Why?! Because the weather is so warm, which in return provides you with an endless amount of things to do. But we’ve found that it’s not so easy for most in …

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