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The Carter’s Are Expecting TWINS!!!

If it’s one thing that Carter’s are best at, it’s BREAKING THE INTERNET; which is exactly what they did today when Beyonce posted a picture of herself pregnant referencing that she’s pregnant with twins. [See The Picture Below] Nonetheless, Congratulations is definitely in order!

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5 Margaritas You Must Try On Cinco De Mayo 2017!

Cinco De Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 1862. Contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT Mexican Independence Day! In the United States Of America, it’s a day most just use to GET DRUNK off of margaritas! Why? Because no matter …

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How Bloggers Make Money On Instagram!

Blogging Is NOT For The Faint Of Hearts! Most look at blog sites and automatically think of instant cash flow, which is NOT the case. In some instances it takes bloggers YEARS before ever seeing a return on investment from their sites, social media, and/or marketing. We always encourage interested …

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How Do I Salvage My Wrecked Reputation?

  R E P U T A T I O N: The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. Pay close attention to the above referenced definition for the term “reputation”, and understand that it’s how someone else views you based off of your ACTIONS! We’re …

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