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Check Out The TOP 3 BEST “Superbowl LI” Commercials

Besides watching the Superbowl for obvious reason [i.e. The Football Game], some tune in just to check out the commercials. It’s NO SECRET that the best commercials come on during the Superbowl. Leading companies pay thousands, if not MILLIONS to have their commercial played during the game. Year after year, superbowl after superbowl, we laugh uncontrollably at some of the best marketing content of the year.

After watching Superbowl LI, we’ve comprised a list of the….

TOP 3 Best Commercials

No.1 : Mr. Clean’s Seductive Sexy Dance Moves

Mr. Clean satisfies EVERY room in the house, even the owner which causes her to becomes sexually aroused once her spouse walks into the home!

No.2 : Cam Newton x Miranda Kerr Revamps Little League For Buick

[Click HERE To View]

“If you can’t believe your eyes when you see the Buick, then you’re in for a surprise.” A surprise like Cam Newton and Mirand Kerr taking over Pee Wee Football.

No.3 : Melissa McCarthy Gets Adventurous For KIA

[Click HERE To View]

Melissa sets off on a mission to save the planet, only she finds out that it can’t be done without the 2017 KIA Niro.

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