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“Check The Numbers Bi**h!” Maxwell DM’s A Woman Over BHM/Record Comments!

Really Maxwell?!

We would expect this from the younger generation, but NOT you!

So apparently legendary singer Maxwell feels like EVERYONE should be included in ‘Black History Month.’ He revealed his thought via Twitter with this post:

Shortly after his posting, OF COURSE #BlackTwitter went crazy! But Maxwell only REALLY got offended when a woman by the name of @GeauxGabby began talking about his record sales.

Check out her tweet below:

It was enough for Maxwell to personally DM her a few “not so nice” words….

Gabby screen-shotted the DM [See above], posted it, and Twitter REALLY went off on Maxwell.

Following all of the constant comments, re-tweets, and DM’s Gabby released this tweet:

Thankfully someone on Maxwell’s team told him to relax [hopefully], so he ended with the following tweet:

A MESS! Jesus Take The Wheel & The Phone Away From Maxwell! 

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