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“Chopped” Champion Chef Kenneth Temple Talks #ChefBae, Southern Creole,The Perfect Thanksgiving Dish + MORE!

“When I was a younger boy my pops used to do a lot of baking. So I can remember cracking eggs for him at the age of 3 years old. That was my introduction to the kitchen.”

-Chef Kenneth Temple

[11/23/2017] Atlanta, GA: A few weeks ago New Orleans native Chef Kenneth Temple began growing increasingly popular as thousands cheered him on during Season 35 of “CHOPPED” [Food Network]. It was then that we were first introduced to #ChefBae himself, as well as his signature ‘Southern Creole’ cooking style! A style that not only helped him to DOMINATE and win the show, but has also encouraged him to create a SOLD OUT cookbook, ‘savory’ seasoning, and help to aid in his partnership with Hormel Foods.

We think it’s safe to say that Chef Temple is eager to become a household name very soon!

“Once I got into the kitchen, it just felt NATURAL.”

-Chef Kenneth Temple

On winning “Chopped” and his experience, Chef Temple says:

“There’s nothing like being underneath of those lights. I was always confident in my skills an this was the perfect opportunity for me to just challenge myself against some other great competitors who own their restaurants, or who are executive chefs. And I just a private chef guy! So it was a great opportunity to me to flex my culinary muscle.”

After a successful television run, Chef Temple says that won’t be the last time we see his face! In fact, the courage gained from the show has helped him to form his very popular Facebook LIVE show on Tuesdays called, “Hunger Trap” which locks in roughly 15k in followers per week. [Click Here To Check Out Hunger Trap]

On the vision behind Hunger Trap, Chef Temple says that it was important for him to show the world that not all chefs create great bodies of work in good looking kitchens. While also assuring me that he can teach those southern cooking skills we’ve grown to love, to just about anyone in a matter of 6 weeks!

Say what now?! Yes!

Chef Kenneth Temple aims to be a trusted source in the culinary field, which is one of the reasons why he created the “Southern Creole” cook book. So he definitely made it a point to speak on his original Louisiana style, and the outpour of support for the book he said,

“Southern Creole is how I like to describe my style. I’m from New Orleans and we are the epitome of dirty south. I have those southern roots embedded in my upbringing. Everybody always likes to ask, ‘Chef, what’s your cooking style?’ I like to say Southern Creole. I don’t like to say so much Creole or too much southern to where it’s soul-food or Italian. So its a combination of both! “

S O U T H E R N Creole

: World cuisine through a southern lense

And all Chef wanted you to know when referencing his seasoning versus other leading brands is that IT TASTE’S GOOD; with only 30% of salt in the entire formula!

So you mean we can eat something that looks delicious, and won’t have to drown ourselves in spices by doing so? SIGN ME UP!

Because on top of be Chef Bae for his thousands of FB Live fans, ‘Chopped’ Champion, Private Chef, Author, and entrepreneur; Chef Temple is determined to aid those who aren’t as blessed with natural cooking skills. They will not only learn “tricks to the trade,” but also “WHY?”

Speaking of WHY, since we were about 2 days aways from Thanksgiving when the interview was recorded, Chef Temple revealed his TOP Thanksgiving dish……


Which happens to be 1 of the 75 recipes he reveals in his new cook book, “Southern Creole.”

This was definitely one of the best interviews we’ve had!

CHECK OUT THE FULL CHAT ABOVE + hear what he’s doing next!

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