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Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Fight May Be Headed For DUBAI

After less than a week into the New Year….. THIS IS HAPPENING!

There is much speculations as to HOW and WHY the beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy actually started; nonetheless, theres a fight scheduled for March 2017. And according to recent reports, there have been “talks” of the PPV fight taking place in Dubai for various reasons.

Not only does Chris and Soulja genuinely want to fight one another, BUT this fight would be a HUGE pay-out for all parties involved.

Sounds like their allowing people to make a mockery of them! But hey, that’s just me!


The initial plan was for the fight to take place in the city where mostly ALL major fight nights occur….


However according to reports, there are several rules and regulations that makes the fight impossible to occur there; including but not limited to a MANDATORY drug test. All of which are reasons that both sides have decided to take things overseas, and what better place than DUBAI?!

Not only is Dubai gorgeous, but Brown vs. Boy [you like that name huh?!] would rake up MAJOR Pay-Per-View sales money! I’m talking MILLIONS of bucks….

And even though both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have mentioned that the proceeds from this fight will go to charity, I’m PRETTY SURE that a portion will go in their pockets and into the pockets of the promotion company.

You think 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather is going to walk away from an event like this empty-handed?

Nah, Bruh!

I’ll keep you guys posted on more details as they become available to me.


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