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Comedian Kevin Hart Opens Up About His Recent “Cheating Scandal”

This morning, Comedian Kevin Hart sat down with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” and of course Charlamagne Tha God jumped right to the point, addressing EVERYTHING that we’ve all been wondering. But mainly:

Life Following #TheHart Scandal [2017]

What was supposed to be an “opening” conversation, turned out to be one that last for roughly 40 minutes of the 51 minute interview!

During which time Kevin spoke about the current state of the lawsuit, how it affected his [then] pregnant wife Eniko, his children, having people speak out against him, and his biggest lessons learned!

“It’s beyond irresponsible. If you want to get to it Charlamagne, then i’ma let you get what you want. Now there’s now way around it. The best way to do it is to address it right on. You gotta fucking say exactly what it is. That’s Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment. That’s not the finest hour in my life. With that being said, you make your bed, you lay in it. So you can’t say what were you thinking because your weren’t thinking! You don’t plan to fuck up. You fuck up and then go, ‘Oh shit, I fucked up!’ That was my fuck up! Stand in front of your wrong shit.”

We applaud Kevin Hart for his transparency during this interview. There was nothing off limits, and without making excuses he stood up and took the blame for EVERYTHING that has transpired. Especially how it affected his wife during one of the wonderful moments in her life [or what was supposed to be].

But with the transparency came TRUTH about how he felt when others spoke out against him. Individuals who he thought were true friends, but instead capitalized off of the situation. Including but not limited to: Comedian Michael Blackson, Joe Budden, and even his ex-wife Torrei Hart who did a interview surrounding the ordeal.

Even though we’ve always heard from Torrei regarding what happened within her marriage, we’ve never really heard anything from Kevin…. until now!

On Torrei Hart:

“I didn’t fuck my first marriage. Stop it! Stop the talk. I don’t like people bringing up my first marriage. I left my first marriage. I got a divorce. I filed! I’m the one that said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m not happy.’ The infidelity and shit was because we were done. So I walked away from it. That’s not fucking up. This time I fucked up. But in fucking up, I gotta repair this because this is what I want. This is my foundation. My wife, my kids, there’s 9+ years in this.”

He goes on to say that [wife] Eniko is not a “home-wrecker”, and the hardest part about the situation was to hear people say that she deserved it!

“My ex put that title on her. In her most emotional time, she lashed out against Niko. But we were legally separated for a year before filing for divorce. I had TONS of women during that time.”

On Michael Blackson & Joe Budden:

“Mike turns into the Instagram model that shows her ass looking for likes. Mike turned into that guy. ‘Yea, Kevin Hart…..What the fuck’. Mike I’m suppose to be your guy. But now your looking for likes and put your relationship in jeopardy with me. That becomes your bits. And then Joe did a podcast about it. Joe you were on Love & Hip Hop in a lot of Scandals…… I lost respect for men, you know, who capitalized on it.”

When asked by the crew how things were smoothed over at home, Kevin says they weren’t and insists that his wife isn’t a push over!

“Your woman is not a fucking rug. You’re not going to walk over your woman’s back. You gon’ get some shit. It’s a cold house. It’s a very cold house for a minute. There’s good days, bad days…. take your humble pie and you fucking eat it.”

Then he jokingly says:

“There’s times when we’re driving in the car and I catch her staring at the side of my face but I act like I don’t feel it. [laughing] But I love my got damn wife.”

According to Kevin, there will probably always be times where Eniko may bring up the situation, but it’s his job as a man to step in and make sure she feels secure. He says this situation was definitely a sign from God.

“It was a reality check & gut punch from God telling me that you’re NOT invincible. You can’t move the way you think you can move. I’ll take it away.” -Kevin Hart

What are your thoughts on the interview? Check it out above.

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