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‘Cover Boy’ James Charles Says Going To Africa Means Contracting Ebola!

In 2016, 17 year old Youtube sensation James Charles became “CoverGirl” Magazine’s “CoverBoy!” For the first time since it was founded, CoverGirls’ representative would be a MALE.

James Charles rose to fame following the ‘blow up’ of his Youtube make-up tutorials, where he taught BOTH men and women how to properly apply their makeup ultimately achieving a clean “beat.” After launching the channel in December of 2015 his following quickly grew to over 70,000 people.

But TODAY, most of those followers have taken to Instagram and Twitter to express their disappointment in last year’s “CoverBoy.”

Here’s Why?

James and a group of his friends are currently on an ‘educational’ trip in Africa. But prior to take off, James posted a tweet stating:

“I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today OMG what if we get Ebola? James we’re fine we could’ve gotten it at chipotle last year….[upside down smiley face emoji]”

The story first broke on “Affinity Magazine,” and from there….


People immediately began tagging ‘Covergirl’ in their posts urging for a replacement!

We haven’t come across a tweet yet where ANYONE attempted to defend him….

“I’m sorry but @jamescharles knew what he was saying and y’all are brainwashed for accepting that apology.” @georgiealdous

“The country… I can’t….@jamescharles Africa is not a country. It’s a continent with 55 countries.” @WickedBeaute

“How do you say cancelled in all of the languages in Africa? @jamescharles” @girlswithtoys

“@jamescharles has been antiblack and messy since forever yall just followed the hype all the mainstream MUAs gave him.” @moisturizeds

@jamescharles Seriously….he is only saying sorry because he doesn’t want to lose that covergirl deal. He’s disgusting.” @badbdh

The ranting goes on for PAGES on Twitter!

James Charles, who ‘allegedly’ just landed, somehow caught word of what was happening and issued an apology via Twitter saying:

“Okay, I’m NOT going to post a bullshit apology. I was told what to say and hat’s not how an apology should work. I am extremely sorry for my tweet and I feel like shit for saying it. I am traveling to Africa today with a few friends for a school trip, ironically enough, it’s an educational trip because we all know very little about the country but are eager to learn. I am aware that the tweet was extremely offensive and degrading. I posted it to make fun of my friend’s mistake, but did not think about what the tweet as a whole was implying. It was never my intent to offend anyone and I am sorry. As a white cis male, I recognize my privilege and would never want to take that for granted, but I fucked up. I deleted everything before my plane took off, hoping that it would go away, which is completely the wrong way to handle problems such as this. I just landed a little while ago and am just now seeing to where this has blown up to and I don’t want anyone to think I don’t care or am not sorry. I could not see or say anything while in the air, I passed out and did not buy wifi. I feel awful for posting what I said. I understand why what I said was offensive and ignorant. I look forward to exploring the country and learning much more about the people and culture, because clearly I know very little and have a lot to learn.”

MOST don’t really care about the apology! They simply want a reaction from ‘CoverGirl’ who has yet to release an official statement, only 3 short tweets.

“James Charles’ tweet does not represent Covergirl’s perspective.”

“We agree his statements were inappropriate but appreciate that he has issued an apology.”

“We are an inclusive brand and respect all people and cultures.”

What type of response was that?

Ebola hasn’t been an issue in Africa since 2016!

According to The World Health Organization:

“Community engagement is key to successfully controlling outbreaks. Good outbreak control relies on applying a package of interventions, namely case management, surveillance and contact tracing, a good laboratory service, safe burials, and social mobilisation. “

Here’s a thought….. Maybe Charles should’ve considered his feelings prior to signing up to go on the “educational” trip!

Search #CharlesJames On Twitter……

We’re not sure how much longer he’s going to have that “CoverBoy” title because the power of social media tends to REALLY scare brands after a while.

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