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DELTA Airlines Sued For $5 Million Dollars By Former Female Workers

Delta Airlines may be in trouble yet again! Honestly speaking, it’s been a rough few months for the once ‘highly recommended’ airline.

This time two former female workers are suing Delta claiming that their mentor masturbated in front of them!


Kayla Jenkins, 19 and Lauren Heffernan, 29 were employed by Alliance Ground International (AGI), a contractor cargo handling firm and Delta affiliate. The man they claim to have seen masturbating is Mike Keve, their “mentor”, and long time Delta employee of 25 years.

According to The New York Daily News, Jenkins claims that back in February 2016 while sitting at her desk, she witnessed Keve pull out his penis and start masturbating. She mentioned the incident to Hefferman, who claims that he did the same thing in front of her.

After their conversation, Jenkins immediately went to report it to her supervisor. Instead of handling things in a professional manner, the incident became the office joke.

Both women were eventually fired, which they believe is retaliation for NOT keeping the incident a secret. Therefore they have jointly decided to file a lawsuit.

But I’m Confused, Why Are They Suing DELTA? 

Representatives from Delta released the following comment:

“Delta takes allegations of inappropriate conduct very seriously. We promptly investigate and take appropriate action when issues of this nature are brought to our attention.”


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