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Did You Reach Your Goals In 2017?

We are OFFICIALLY in Chapter 12 of 2017!

For most, especially entrepreneurs, we’ve already begun preparation for quarter 1 of 2018!

This year has ‘undoubtedly’ flown by us all extremely fast! Leaving most questioning if they’ve reached their yearly goals……

We’re here to tell you guys that if you’ve achieved ONE out of the five goals we recommended you to set at the beginning of 2017, YOU’VE STILL WON!

Sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves! So much so, that we fail to leave room for error or derailment while we’re planning out futures. We know, because there are so many people on our team that fits this description!

And there’s nothing wrong with adding pressure, but please know when to ease up a little or STOP!

Each year, we challenge our followers to not only create a ‘vision board’ [which is very helpful by the way], but to also compose a list of ‘long term’ and ‘short term’ goals for the upcoming year.

Your list of ‘long term’ goals should only consist of 5 items that will take LONGER than 6 months to achieve, yet are attainable.

Examples of this would be:

  1. Beginning a magazine
  2. Opening a lounge
  3. Creating an art exhibit
  4. et. al,

Your list of ‘short term’ goals should only consist of 5 items that will take LESS than 6 months to achieve, and are yet attainable.

Examples of this list would be:

  1. Launching a podcast
  2. Launching a website
  3. Getting Consistent
  4. Attending more networking events
  5. et. al,

We always say 5 MAX but your list could be under 5 items!

And at the end of the year, when you look back on the expectations that you gave yourself, you’ll realize that achieving at least ONE from each list has helped to shape you into a better person. A person that’s equipped to take on the new year’s goals.

So if you haven’t achieved everything that you’d hoped when entering 2017, just add the remainder of things to this years list and……



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