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Diddy’s Open To A Few More Kids!

It’s apparent that Diddy is in a different place right now! A place filled with love, peace, success, good energy, and absolutely NO DRAMA!

During a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club”, he not only spoke on his current show, “The Four” but also his success as a father and family man. At which time, he stated that he wouldn’t mind having at least 2 more children [adding onto his 6] with his now girlfriend Cassie.

Diddy had the following to say:

“Without a doubt, I love children,” he said. “I could go to eight without a problem. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Whatever is supposed to happen in the future is going to happen, but that’s something that I want.”

He went on to talk about the love he has for all of his children mothers’ + Cassie, and how open-minded they are. No matter how long it took for all of them to get on the same page.

“You have to start to treat your family like a tribe if you have other mothers of your children. The separatism starts to wear on the family as a whole. We all in it together. So, we might as well figure out how to co-exist, and they get along lovely.”

The interview was PHENOMENAL! Check it out above.

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