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DOPE! Teen Star “Top Notch Zion” Hosts The 1st Youth Talent Show In ATL

“People doubt what you say, but they believe what you do.” -Lewis Cass

At times we as adults get so wrapped up in our attempts to ‘pave the way’ for the youth that we fail to recognize in more ways than one, how we can learn from them as well!

Now, we know you’ve probably heard the “entrepreneurial” quote:

“We must create the change and/or opportunities that we want to see.”

Seventeen [17] year old rising teen star, Top Notch Zion, is doing just that!

Top Notch Zion has recently made headlines after creating/hosting Atlanta’s 1st youth talent search. The event was hosted by rapper/radio personality Yung Joc of ATL’s “Streetz 94.5,” alongside his colleagues and fellow personalities J-Nicks and the Durtty Boyz.

The collaboration between Top Notch Zion and Foreixn Music Group aimed at inviting youth of all ages out in order to showcase their talent in hopes of winning one of four prizes, which included $10,000.

Yes, $10,000!

According to Top Notch Zion:

“I encourage everyone to keep grinding and competing and following your dreams. Remember to continue to work hard and to believe in yourselves even if others do not.”

Top Notch Zion is not only a hip hop artist, but a honor student who believes in setting the bar extremely high for his peers. He’s truly an example of someone whose willing to push the envelope and never accept “no” for an answer.

But here’s what’s BOTH dope and inspiring, Top Notch Zion flys to all of his performances as a way to further encourage others to SOAR HIGH!

This young man’s hustle, drive, ambition, and boldness is incredible!

Guests flooded the venue to catch a glimpse of Atlanta’s young talent, and the grand prize award was presented to a ‘girl group,’ by the name of “Official Boy.”

All in all, it’s difficult to focus on the negativity transpiring with todays youth when we have LEADERS like Top Notch Zion striving to make a change!


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