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“FALL Into Fashion!”

Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd]

Fall is almost here, which means that more seasonal ways of styling is near!

Let’s bring out the cardigans, flannels, and Timberlands. To me, these are the TOP 3 essential pieces that are overlooked in fall fashion.

Tweet-able: Why are cardigans, flannels, and Timberlands overlooked the most in FALL fashion?

I’ll begin with the cardigans by saying that they are so versatile and could be strutted with precision is worn correctly. A cardigan could give you the classy look if worn with a skirt or slacks. Then it could give you the comfortable, “laid back” look if rocked with some sweat pants and Timberlands.

Let me introduce you to me friend Andre 3000 [captioned below]. This rapper is a ball of personality through his funk of music and fashion! His style of cardigans are worn with confidence, and his choices of colors scream FASHION SENSE!

Can’t find anything to go with your cardigan? Forget about it! I can suggest the perfect flannel that will fit right in!

Flannels can be worn under your cardigans to top off the dapper look,  or around you waist to bring life to plain lays. These looks can be tackled any day, and with fall on its way you might want to consider purchasing these pieces.

Timberlands are on the beat!

No, I’m not talking about the producer, although he has hits; i’m referring to the boots that can either be a hit or miss.

These brand of boots have been out for years, and it sported correctly, you’ll be looking like a SNACK! (LOL)

Timberland boots can create so much “swag” to your lay, but they must be styled the correct way! Skinny jeans and sweat pants are always a good match for boots because they create a solid look that’s bound to stand out!

You can create so many looks with fall fashion because of the great selections made up for the season!

Now give yourself a reason to make an outfit happen! Simply put:

Create MAGIC!

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