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FINALLY! Gilbert Arenas Drops Lawsuit Against His Ex Laura Govan!

When we read the headlines this morning regarding former baller Gilbert Arenas and his ex Laura Govan, we couldn’t help but to SHOUT!

These two have been bashing one another on social media, various news outlets, in court, etc…. for YEARS now [even airing very personal information]. So to hear that Gilbert Arenas has decided to say that ‘enough is enough’ seems refreshing!


According to TheJasmineBrand.com:

“On October 31st, Arenas filed docs in the case informing the court that he was dropping his entire lawsuit. The two appear to have worked out their issues outside the courtroom, due to no mention of a settlement in the documents.”

If you guys are unfamiliar with the lawsuit in question, In 2015 Arenas sued Govan [whom is the mother of 4 of his children] accusing her of spreading lies and leaking private emails to the media.

In 2016, a judge ordered Govan to pay Arenas $110k in damages!

Following that settlement, Arenas hit Govan with yet another lawsuit……

As you imagine things grew pretty gruesome and exhausting for those of us keeping up with the battle.

So shoutout to Gilbert Arenas for FINALLY doing the right thing!

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