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Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj “Make Love” [NEW SONG]

We haven’t heard a collaboration between Nicki and Gucci since ‘Freaky Girl,’ but now the two have teamed up for another track that Gucci is already calling the “hardest song of the year.”

Gucci Mane is CLEARLY prepping us for that “Droptop Wop” album coming soon!

Over a ‘high’ bass, dirty south, trap style beat filled with noticeable ‘808’s…..Gucci and Nicki clearly rap about where they are in life now, and taking jabs along the way!

“Vibez: Old School Gucci”


 “I look down at the beef, that shit childish to me.”

“You think he colder than me, you more bi-polar than me.”


“Go against Nicki its gon’ cost ya, cuz now it’s fuck ya.”

“I’m the greatest, no Kenderick and no Sia.”

Check out the FULL track above! After playing it 3 times, it’s finally grown on us!


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