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Guess Whose Expecting?! Brittish Williams + Lorenzo Gordon!

Brittish Williams is officially on Team Exclusive’s….


Over the weekend, the former Basketball Wives reality star revealed that she and “on again-off again” boyfriend Lorenzo Gordon are expecting their first child together!

Now we know what most of you guys are thinking:

“I thought they broke up?”

We thought the same thing too, but it seems as though the couple have made up and are moving forward within their relationship. And we’re glad because things grew pretty messy on social media involving the too. At one point, Brittish was even rumored to have been dating rapper Soulja Boy!

But that ALL seems to be in the past now. Via the IG post, she wrote:

“Thanksgiving 2017 we are so thankful to be expecting a new addition to our family #thegordons #myfirstbaby #blessings #babyglow “

Check out the post below!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brittish and Lorenzo!

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