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Guess Whose Joining LHHATL? [Erica Mena]

If we can recall correctly, during Season 4 of LHHNYC Erica Mena quit saying that she would NEVER return to the franchised show!

Well I guess she meant that only for the New York franchise, because according to ‘The Jasmine Brand,’ Erica Mena has officially joined the cast of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” 

hmmmmm…. This should be interesting!

The exclusively reported:

“She said that she would never return to the show, but she’s back. They even threw her a party in Atlanta- on camera of course, to celebrate her official return to the show and welcome her to the A.”

They went on to say:

“We hear that logistically, it didn’t make sense for her to return to New York and since she’s always in Atlanta, her storyline and relationships were better fit.”

All we can say is:

Get ready for MORE drama!

As we know, Erica is not afraid of “turning up” on a person! In fact, she’s known for having an uncontrollable anger issue! When she left the show, she was engaged to rapper Shad Moss and seemed as if she’d been ready to turn over a new leaf in life.

Unlike others, Erica didn’t burn any bridges with the produces and/or directors of the show!

We’ll definitely be tuned in!


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