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Hair Product Review: “Bentonite Clay And Apple Cider Vinegar”

“Beautiful hair requires COMMITMENT, not a miracle.”

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Hola Ladies…..

This post was specifically designed for all of my natural “hair care” women! As you know, it’s EXTREMELY hard to find the right products for your hair. So whenever something works for me, I love sharing it with the rest of my naturalistas…..

I found something that I’m adding to my weekly routine PERMANENTLY, and I’m so excited about it!

Like other naturals, I’m always looking for something to make my curls softer/healthier; and this mask does just that! And guess what? It only contains two ingredients: (1) Bentonite Clay, and (2) Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Most naturals already use apple cider vinegar. It’s NOT just a salad dressing, or a way to help shed unwanted weight! I’ve actually seen tons of naturals use it to clean their hair. Now, there are tons of apple ciders vinegars made by various well-known brands, but I’ve found Bragg’s to be the best one.

Not only is it made from healthy, organically grown apples, but it also has a diluted 5% acidity which was evident when I mixed it.

And I found this vinegar at my neighborhood Wegmans for a retail price of only $3. How awesome is that?!

Now even though this may not be the first time your hearing about Apple Cider Vinegar, I’m pretty sure that this may be a FIRST for Bentonite Clay!

The “official” name for Bentonite Clay is “Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay,” and after hearing about it so much, I was able to find a two pound container for only $10 on Amazon.com. [Click Here To Purchase]

And the AMAZING thing about the Bentonite Clay is that you don’t have to use it ONLY for softer and healthier hair, but some also use it for smoother and healthier skin. In fact, on the container it reads: “World’s Most Powerful Facial.”

I always find it wonderful when I purchase products that can be used for more than one reason! CHA CHING! SAVINGS…..

Now here’s what I actually did with the products:

SN: It’s best to use a non-metal bowl and utensils when mixing the clay, which can get very messy so you may also want to mix ingredients inside of a nearby utility sink!

First, I peeled off a little of the Bentonite Clay into a “paper” bowl, and then I poured in roughly 3/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. I mixed BOTH ingredients with a plastic spoon! You’ll notice that the Apple Cider Vinegar will begin to fizz up once it’s in direct contact with the clay. THIS IS NORMAL!  It will not be easy to mix at first, however, it’ll get better. Keep mixing until you get a creamy texture [even if this means adding a little more of each ingredient]. You will also notice a weird smell. Don’t be alarmed, however, keep this away from small children.

This is how the finished product should look!

Next, part your hair into 4 sections with clean hands. From here, I sprayed my hair with water because it had not been cleaned and it was a little dry. With all products, I like my hair to be somewhat damp; NOT dripping wet. I then smoothed the mixture into my hair! I made sure that every strand was coated, including my edges. From the picture below, you can see that it made my hair turn a white/grey color [somewhat like a perm, MINUS all of the un-healthy ingredients].

I left the mixture in my hair for about 20-25 minutes, only because I have really thick hair and I wanted my hair to REALLY absorb the product. It took a few rinses to get all of the mixture out, partly due to the thickness of my hair. However, the results were phenomenal!

My hair was super soft and my curls were defined! The color of my natural dark brown hair was SO vibrant, and my scalp was clean!!!

I would recommend using this mask to EVERYONE, and since trying it out, I’ve implemented it into my weekly routine.

POST Mask…

Following the mask, I like to deep condition my hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil Masque; which I let sit for an hour. Once I rinse out the mask, I always spray my hair with Aloe Vera Juice, followed by lathering a little Argan Oil to add moisture.

Overall, I’m left with GREAT hair!

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