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Hey Girl…. Do You Like Dating Sites?


Hey Girl,

I’m just getting out of a 6 year relationship and I feel like I need “dating 101.” I am so uncomfortable with dating! I don’t even know where to begin!

So one of my friends told be to check out the dating site “Tinder,” and I have yet to do so because the thought of dating sites creep me out.

I listen to your podcast and know that you’ve been single for quite sometime, have you tried dating sites? If so, how did things turn out?


Hey Girl, HEY!


My friends reading this will laugh hysterically because I rarely ever date. Within the 3 years that I’ve been single, I can count on one hand how many dates I’ve been on.

In total, I’ve tried dating 4 guys and the situations were ALL flops!

Prior to becoming single, I was in a relationship with my daughters father for 7 years. Mostly my entire 20’s, so when we split I took 1 1/2 off before even jumping back into the game. I needed that time to mentally get myself together and to make sure that the door was completely closed before opening another one. Which may be what you should do first!

When I was ready for something new, I felt it.

As far as dating, I’m socially awkward most of the time; which is the problem on these dates. I haven’t found anyone that I can just be myself with. Hence the long periods of time in between dates!

Currently, I haven’t been on a date in 8 months! I know, I know…….

It’s my socially awkwardness!

Simply put:


Most recently, a good friend of mine has been posting that she’s been dating on “Blackpeoplemeet.com” and it’s been a success. So I tried to sign up, and then immediately closed the app because I’m afraid of what I’ll attract. You just never know!

I’ve heard good & bad things about online dating sites!

A few of my sisters friends are still in relationships with guys they met on sites like Tinder. While on the contrary, my sister had to block a guy for becoming a stalker and completely spazzing out on her a few years ago.

So I’d simply say, go with your gut! And if you feel uncomfortable at anytime STOP!

As for me, I’d rather just meet someone organically as opposed to a site.

Hopefully this helps,


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