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Hey Girl! Ever Been Afraid Of Success?


Hey Girl,

Everyone’s always talking about SUCCESS, brand expansion, and fulfillment. But what I’ve found is that most people don’t attain it because of fear! Fear of what comes along with success, or fear of what happens after you reach the goal you’ve been striving for……

Ever been afraid of success?


Hey Girl, Hey!

WOW! This one really made me think.

To be completely transparent, I crave success but I’m slightly afraid of it myself!

Even though I have the personality, I have a successful brand, and I’m no stranger to attention…. I’ve also watched SUCCESS destroy a few good people. Especially during the era of “reality television”. 

Along with the fact that people envy successful people [granted people will envy you either way]; but you become a target. A target for money, a target for rumors, etc…..

But as I’m thinking/writing, it also would depend on how you define SUCCESS! There are different levels of success for different people. I was referring to my career in entertainment! But it will vary based on individual definitions.

And to touch on reaching a certain level and being afraid of what’s next….

I would simply say that it’s apart of life and growth!

Once you achieve a goal, you should already be in preparation for the next. Or at least that’s how my mind works.

Only you’ll know when you’ve had enough!

Fear will cripple you, if you allow it to!

Hopefully this helps!


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