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Hey Girl! How Do You Find Your BIGGEST Motivation…..


Hey Girl,

I’m at a point in my life where I’m literally struggling to get through to the next day! I’m an entrepreneur, and feel like I’m at the lowest point in my business to date.

So even though it’s short, I wanted to write in asking “how you find the motivation to keep going?” 

I need some advice a girl.


Hey Girl, HEY!

I’d be lying to you if I said that this would be the only point during your entrepreneurship journey where you feel this way! They’ll be many more points like this to come.

First off you must remember that there are two types of people in the world:

  1. People who always pull motivation from within
  2. People who seek out motivators

I learned this from reading Devon Franklin’s “Hollywood Commandments.” [Click Here]

This book fell into my lap at one of the most troubling times within my career.

It was then that I realized that I was “type 2”. I needed constant motivation from outside sources to keep me going when things got tough. So I made a list of people who motivate me! People like:

  • Gary Vee
  • Eric Thomas
  • Pastor TD Jakes
  • Pastor Joel Osteen
  • Pastor Devon Franklin

All people who motivate me in times of darkness!

So I make it a point to incorporate their “tedTalks,” “sermons,” “books,” etc…. into my daily routine some way or another; along with:

Remembering WHY I started!

What made you start that business? Did you want a better life? A better financial situation? Stability for your child? What was it??????

For me, everyday I look into my daughters eyes and remember why I started.

She made a sacrifice for me when she willingly moved to Atlanta, GA. leaving her friends, our family, etc…. because of a dream I’m chasing. There were nights my daughter cried because of being uncomfortable. But I promised her that I would make it up to her, everything is for a reason! To make both of our futures brighter and easier!

That’s my motivation!

So the first step is remembering the WHY!

Hopefully this helps girl!



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