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Hey Girl! How Do You Get Over A Heartbreak?


Hey Girl,

I’ve been single for 1 year yet I’m still heartbroken over my past relationship. The only difference between NOW & THEN is that, I’m better at hiding my feelings. But there are times like today when I just want to cry.

Dating? tried that. Sex? temporary pleasure. The hole still exists!

The sad part is that I know the door is completely closed with my ex. We just weren’t good for one another.

And it especially sucks during this time of year because I’m around family, new mates, and true love; yet i’m so empty inside. Kierra, I’m lonely!

How do I move forward?

Hey Girl, HEY!

WOW! This totally hits home for me.

As always, I’m speaking from experience!

My last relationship ended in 2014 and it took me almost 2 WHOLE years to fully get over things [granted we were together for 7 years].

Also he’s been involved with countless other women since our break-up. So that sort of helped me along in the process, because I went from angry to disgust.

But initially I began questioning God [which I shouldn’t have]. I asked, ‘Why it was so easy for him to move on? Why I couldn’t find someone? The whole nine……’

The holidays….. OH MY GOD! They were the worst, and to some degree STILL ARE because I’m still single after almost 4 years now.

But here’s what I know, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. We may not understand the reason at the time, but there’s one. Also, you may be blocking the next stage in your life by harboring on “what WAS”…..

It’s HARD, I know. It’s PAINFUL, I understand. You’re emotional, I FEEL YOU. Let it out! There’s nothing wrong with crying.

For me, I began journaling my feelings while also placing all of my energy into work & my daughter. I made such a tight schedule for myself and left no room for my mind to wander or roam.

However, I get it. Some nights are very cold! And on those nights, I do something to take my mind off of things, like read.

No matter what you are going through, you must KEEP GOING! Pamper yourself, do things that you enjoy doing, and most importantly surround yourself with family/friends that will take your mind off of things.

As time goes on, IT WILL GET BETTER! Trust me.

Dating will even become easier!

I enjoy seeing my loved ones and friends with their mates, it gives me hope. Yet, do I feel lonely at times, of course.

But I tell myself that GOD is preparing my husband for me at this very moment, and he’ll be JUST FOR ME!

Getting over a heartbreak is a process that’s different for everyone. But you will see happiness again! Just believe!

Hopefully this helps.



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