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Hey Girl…. I Can’t Stand My Boss!


Hey Girl,

I currently work at a marketing firm in Dallas, Texas [which will remain name-less] as a ‘brand assistant.’ I’ve held this position for exactly one year, and it’s everything that I’ve ever dreamed of except for one thing…..

I can’t stand my boss!

She’s a well sought after brand manager in the area, so I assumed that working for her would be exciting! And that she’d ultimately become sort of a mentor/boss, but it’s the complete opposite. Sometimes I wish people who admired her got to see the side I’m exposed to everyday. It’s horrid!

There are days when I’m blessed to have this opportunity because I know how many others would love to have it PLUS, my boss “acts” as if she appreciates me. Then there are days where I’m literally on the verge of quitting.

How do I determine whether or not this place is the best fit for me?



Hey Girl, HEY!

I’ve been in a similar situation in the past. The best advice that I can give you is to weigh the pros and cons of working for the organization.

Simply put: Does the good days outweigh the bad?

How much do you need the job?

I would never encourage anyone to just UP AND QUIT  their jobs, especially if you don’t have another option lined up. It’s just not smart!

Also, keep in mind that for careers like entertainment, marketing, etc…. you MUST have tough skin and learn to not take everything so personal. Going into any situation expecting praise for every little thing, a smooth environment, and to be like by everyone is just unrealistic.

I know in some cases, I’ve witnessed bosses be harder on certain people because they see a potential that the person doesn’t; so in those cases they are forcing them to go above and beyond. Which may be the case for you!

But you know what you can versus can’t handle! Don’t force yourself to be in a situation which is intolerable! However, understand that the hardships you may face at your next employers office may be similar in that field. Will you run again?

I’ve always viewed work as a give & take relationship, and I STOPPED calling others my boss. I’m my own boss, and I’m here to fill a void while also learning skills in the process; all of which I’ll be able to take elsewhere once this chapter has closed.

This situation needs serious thought from you! Literally make a list of the pros and cons, and then make a decision.

Hopefully this helps!


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