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Hey Girl! I Just Found Out That My 14 Year Old Son Smokes Weed!


Hey Girl,

I need some serious help!

My heart is completely broken!

I recently discovered that my 14 year old son smokes weed. In fact, I found out after witnessing him come home high.

When I approached him about it, he laughed. Not because he was trying to be disrespectful, but as a result of him being high! So the next day, after he sobered up, we had a talk and he admitted that he’d been smoking weed for 2 months. So I asked about the first time, and he said it was with one of his friends at their home.

My son says he smokes just about EVERYDAY.

How did I NOT notice?

I’ve been in such a dark place since he’s told me. I need help! Do you have any pointers.


Hey Girl, Hey!

I try not to speak on things that I haven’t personally experienced, this being one!

My daughter is only 6 years old, so I have NO CLUE how I would react if the shoe was on the other foot.

But what I do know is that ‘something went horribly wrong along the way,’ and you have time to get things under control.

Step #1 He needs to get DETOXED!

Two months of smoking everyday, he’s depended!

Step #2 Set ground rules!

There are things that WILL NOT be tolerated. By coming in your house under the influence of anything is DISRESPECTFUL.

Step #3 Protect His Surroundings!

Again, I haven’t been in this situation. However I’m very protective over where my daughter spends her time, and she’s not allowed to go over anyones house without me visiting first. Even after, I still may not allow her to go over there.

I would rather my daughter to have guests come over than the other way around. That’s just me…..

Also, where’s his dad? You didn’t elaborate on that situation. If he’s in the picture, then this is the best time for him to step up.

But that’s all the insight I can really give on this situation, because I’ve never been through it.

Don’t give up on him! He needs you the most now.



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