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Hey Girl, I May Be Outgrowing My Friends!


Hey Girl,

I’ve known my two best-friends since I was 8 years old, now we’re 21 years old. We’ve always celebrated birthdays together, special occasions, our families are close, etc…

But I think I may be outgrowing them, and I don’t know how to tell them!

Things that they enjoy doing for fun [i.e. house parties, clubs] are no longer fun to me. I enjoy reading, traveling, and living life.

And because I always say NO when they ask if I want to go out, I’m labeled as ‘boujee’ or ‘weird,’ and I absolutely HATE IT.

I’ve gone to college, they didn’t. One is a hair stylist, and the other is a stay at home mom. Nothings wrong with how they’ve chosen to live their lives, I just feel like we no longer enjoy the same things.

I honestly don’t know what I’m saying or what I want! These ladies are more than best-friends, they are my sisters. So how do I break the news without breaking their hearts?


Hey Girl, Hey!

Awww…. I’m honestly sad that you’re in such a place, especially with women who you obviously share a undeniable bond with.

I wouldn’t give up on them just yet!

If they love you the way that you love them, they’ll understand your position. So you need to sit them down and explain it to them.

Let them know that you’re not trying to be too sensitive or emotional, but you really dislike it when they team up against you calling you boujee or weird just because you don’t enjoy doing the same things anymore. You still love them, but you’ve just outgrown that stage.

Also, maybe set up a date with where you can bring them into YOUR new world. Examples being: ‘a book club event,’ ‘a sip and paint,’ ‘spoken word,’ or ‘a girls trip.’ 

You never know, they might enjoy those new adventures as well. Maybe the problem is that they’ve just never experienced them. So they stick to what they know!

If none of that works and they aren’t understanding, then maybe it’s time to cut ties.

But I honestly would try out the methods suggested before losing a friendship of 10+ years. Something is still there!

Hopefully this helps.


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