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Hey Girl! I Want A Career In Radio….


Hey Girl!

First off, I’d like to say HEYYYYYYYY for being a fellow Temple Owl; hence how I began following you! Nonetheless, I’m glad I did. You’ve been such a huge inspiration to me and my career.

I’m a senior at Temple University, majoring in broadcast journalism; and up until recently I had no idea how I wanted to use my degree upon graduation. I didn’t want to become the person that spent 4 years in college only to graduate and work a “dead” end job.

Not me! No offense to anyone else.

So watching you blossom in radio, first with DTLR Radio and then with Be100 Radio has been so amazing!

But what I don’t hear you speak much about is your start! So I’d like to ask, how did you get started in radio and what’s the experience been like thus far?


Hey Girl, HEY!

WOW! It’s always such a humbling moment whenever someone reaches out to me about my beginnings. Which, by the way, weren’t too long ago!

Let me start off by saying that I was once you! January of 2010 is when things really hit home for me! It was at that moment that I realize in 5 months I’ll be graduating and moving back home to Baltimore. What now?

I wasn’t interested in going immediately to graduate school because I wasn’t even sure if ‘criminal justice’ was something I wanted to do anymore. So yes, I am apart of the 80-85% of people who are currently not in the profession they went to school for. And yes, I still have thousands of dollars in student loans! But I don’t regret any part of my journey, especially not that part because I met some of my best friends at Temple University. Friends I’ll have forever!

When I graduated, I went into panic mode! No job? No more school? What do I do? As I’ve explained to my mentee [s], I started to make very foolish decisions that could have ruined my life. But thankfully God stepped in, which is why I call my daughter my biggest blessing. Just 3 months after returning home I got pregnant with my daughter, which I took as a sign from God to slow down.

At that moment, my older cousin had just resigned from her job working for a private defense attorney in Baltimore and of course he was looking for a replacement. She set up a interview with him for me and the rest is history. I worked in my field for 4 years! After 3 years, I realized that I had no desire to be in that field. I wanted more!

But how, right?

I asked myself,

What’s something you love to do everyday, and that you could do with the least amount of effort?

At that time, I was obsessed with [then] entertainment blogger Necole Bitchie [Necole Kane], whose since transformed her site into a more positive direction [xonecole.com].

Every morning, before I could start work I would read the latest gossip on NecoleBitchie.com, PerezHilton.com, and Bossip.com. It was “uncontrollable!” So I figured, why not start an entertainment site of my own since I love it so much.

Little did I know….. It would be the start of something beyond my wildest imagination!

So I started with the site, I had it professionally developed, took a few head-shots, ordered some business cards form Vistaprint; and I was up and running. All while working for my attorney!

Eventually I was able to hire a publicist who began teaching me about the importance of networking [shoutout to Candice Nicole, PR]. She started connecting me other publicist, different events, etc…. In the beginning I attended EVERY event thrown my way! No matter where, what day and/or time. I attended, got footage [pics], and had event recaps written within 24 hours. Publicist LOVED me for that, so they began sending more and more work.

Before long, I was in hotels [i.e. the Sheraton in Silver Spring,MD.] interviewing celebrities like Chrisette Michelle in the lobby! How crazy right?!

After about a year of doing that, I had a yearning for more! I wanted my own show, and podcasts were just beginning to hit the scene. So during a “check-in” with my publicist, I told her that I was interested in starting my own podcast. However, she pushed me to go a step further and suggested radio.

I’d never done radio, no experience, and no connections. But she did! She told me that she’d reach out to Tiara LaNiece at DTLR Radio for an interview. A week later, I interviewed with Tiara and was hired on the spot!

I was simply BEING ME! My thoughts, my humor, my opinions, etc…

Just ME!

I was worried about my voice, my mannerism, etc… The best advice Tiara had for me was to ‘keep going’ and the rest would come eventually!

Almost a year later of being a “co-host” on her show….. she was right! Which is why I find it so funny NOW, when people call me “The Voice” because just 2 years ago I DIDN’T HAVE ONE! In fact, I had to work up the guts to be on radio every single day.

I studied! And not the type of studying you’re thinking about! I studied everyone around me in that profession. I studied Tiara LaNiece, Jay Claxton, Massive Host King Flexxa, and so many more. I began really paying attention to radio interviews on Youtube done by “The Breakfast Club,” “Ebro In The Morning,” “Angie Martinez.”

For years, I’d been watching those shows but never truly paid attention to their mannerism!

Working at DTLR Radio developed my character as a personality; which I used when I transferred to Atlanta, GA. and began working for Be100 World Hit Radio, under the supervision of Debra Antney.

Working at Be100 Radio is where I began to SOAR……

Get it?!

In any field you go into, you’ll have to put in the work and energy! Maybe working for FREE many times! And in those cases, learn as much as you can…. Build relationships that you can fall back on. It’s all essential to your future.

I thought writing, red carpets, and being a entertainment columnist was my passion and talent UNTIL I started my career in radio! And now that I’ve begun my career in radio, I’ve realized that TV is the ultimate end goal.

I’ve decided to STOP placing limitations on my career; and instead, go for everything my heart desires.

I know it was long, but hopefully it helped!


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