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Hey GIRL! I’m Not Trying To Be Rude But…..


Hey Girl,

I’m a mother of 2 beautiful little girls, aged 6 and 3 months. When I had my first daughter I found myself more open to advice from anyone because I was clueless! So any sort of advice was appreciated, whether they had a child or not. However 6 years later I’M ANNOYED! Point Blank.

There’s all types of people wanting to tell me how I should raise my daughter, what products to use, how to hold her, what diapers to purchase, etc…. As if I didn’t already raise a child! And I find it even more annoying when the advice is coming from a woman who doesn’t have children. Like, HOW? 

So girl, I need your help. I’m not a rude person nor do I want to become one! But I feel like if one more person who is childless decides to give me a piece of advice on how I should raise my child, I AM GOING TO LOSE CONTROL. 

Girl, what should I do?


Hey girl, HEY!

Count to 5 and then do it again girl! I have a 6 year old daughter who is my only child and I was annoyed as hell when ANYONE did it to me, including my momma at times! Partly because I’m a “know it all” at times.

But don’t go off girl! I know it may be hard, but some of those people are genuinely trying to help [or so they think]. They probably mean no harm! So going off wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

You have a few choices in this situation: [1] Block the shit out! Like for-real! Be present but gone at the same time. Just pretend that you’re listening and tune it out, [2] Let them know in a polite way that after raising your eldest child, you know what you’re doing, or [3] GO OFF. And you should only be “going off” if you’ve tried BOTH one and two, yet they still don’t get it.

In LIFE period, people are going to give you “unwanted” advice. So girl, you’re just gonna have to deal with it and move on. It’s really not worth your energy. And honestly speaking, I’ve found that some of the best advice has come from people who realistically couldn’t connect with my situation.

Hope this helps girl.



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