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Hey Girl! I’m Struggling To Find Balance….


Hey Girl,

I’m a wife, mother of 3 [three], and full-time entrepreneur! At times I feel like if I’m going to EXPLODE as a result of doing everything for EVERYONE, and nothing for myself.

Even when I have a moment to spare, it ends up being time I need to devote to someone else. And when I force myself to just “sit still” I feel selfish. I feel like I should be doing something around the house, getting something together for my husband, DIY adventure for my children, or tending to one of my clients.

But Kierra, I’m getting tired! My mind, body, and soul is craving for an EXIT! An escape for a few days!

I saw that you’re a single mom, in the entertainment industry, and seems to ALWAYS be somewhere doing something! How do you make it happen?

I need answers girl.


Hey Girl, HEY!

I was given a few words of wisdom at the beginning of my career,

“There’s always going to be a sacrifice!”

At the time, I didn’t truly understand it, but over-time it became apparent. And there were even times when I sacrificed the “wrong-things.”

My answer to this letter may seem like the normal “status-quo” but it’s honestly the truth! In order to maintain my life I had to find,


While also setting boundaries that I’m not willing to break for no one or nothing! No matter how it may make me look or seem.

Girl, scheduling saved my life. To the point where, I look forward to planning out my week on Saturday evenings/Sunday mornings in my handy little “Passion Planner.” [Click Here To Purchase One For Yourself]

  • Dropping My Daughter Off To School
  • How Much Time I Spend At The Coffee Shop
  • What Tasks Need To Be Taken Care Of At The Coffee Shop
  • Picking My Daughter Up
  • Recording My Podcast
  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Gymnastics
  • Homework Time

EVERYTHING that you could think of revolving around the success of my day/week has been added to my planner. And if it’s NOT in my planner, then I’m 100% sure that I don’t know anything about it. In other words:

It’s not happening!

And on Sundays, I’m devoted to not only preparing my daughter for the week ahead; but also spending much needed “quality time” with her. So in other words, I don’t care what events, meetings, interviews, etc…. come up. On Sunday’s there will be NO RESPONSES from me! Whichever jobs I’m associated with will always know this first-hand. There has to be an EXTREME emergency to get me away from my family on a Sunday. [I‘LL DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT ITS AN EMERGENCY].

You must set boundaries in life, or you’ll never really LIVE only exist.

What good are you to your husband, children, or business if your health is declining or your spirits are down?

I even go so far as to plan when I’m spending time with my girlfriends, or having “me time.”

Sometimes, my sanity doesn’t come from hanging out or shopping. It’s as simple as me cuddling up to a glass of wine, reading a book, or taking a long quiet bath once my daughter goes to bed.

In the beginning I would work ALL DAY, barely spend time with my daughter, put her to bed, and then work ALL NIGHT. Then one day my body shut down. I got food poisoning which caused me to miss an extremely important meeting, almost two weeks worth of work, money, 2 hospital visits, etc…..

I always say:

God has a way of making you sit down and shut up!

Sometimes it may take losing it all. Which is what happened to me!

You must make time for everything that you have going on, and the best way to do that is by scheduling out your days! Try doing it once per week, and actually sticking to it!

Also, I guarantee that if you get away from life’s reality’s [i.e. husband/kids] for a few days you’ll miss them almost immediately because that’s your norm. However, it may be worth it to get away from them for a few hours and maybe head to a spa. Treat yourself!

Hopefully this helps!


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