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Hey Girl! Is There A Such Thing As The HOE-Phase?


Hey Girl,

I don’t have one of those long drawn out letters! My submission is simple……

Is it true that every woman goes through a HOE phase?


Hey Girl, Hey!


I’d say that 50-65% of women go through a period of time where they mess around. I’ve noticed that those times typically happen with ‘young women’ in college or after a MAJOR break-up and/or divorce; and the woman uses this phase as a way to cope with her new reality.

But I also know women who have NEVER gone through this phase and never intend to. It’s just NOT in their character!

To go through a “hoe-phase” doesn’t make you a lifetime Hoe, honorary HOE member, Queen HOE, or whatever you want to call it.

It was simply a period of time within you life that you choose to experiment. Similar to men! [No matter how big of a ‘double-standard’ exist].

It seems like your in the phase right now, or know of someone who may be in it! If this is the case, BE CAREFUL and think about your future & how this time may affect it.



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