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Hey Girl! Should I Take Him Home For Thanksgiving?


Hey Girl!

I’ve been dating someone special for 3 months now. Things are getting serious really fast! I like him a lot.

As you know, Thanksgiving is in a few days and we’re unsure of what we want to do. We’re located in Greensboro, but my family is in New York while his family resides in Savannah.

Normally I travel to NYC to spend time with my family for the holiday as I want to do this year; but I don’t want to leave him alone. In fact, he wants to come home with me and meet my family and friends.

Here’s the issue with that…… my family are true New Yorkers, meaning they will “eat you up and spit you out.” That’s my biggest fear! I’m afraid that my family will mess up a good thing for me! But if I see a future with him, I think I should at least give it a try.

Girl, what should I do?


Hey Girl, Hey!

Y’all put me in some of the craziest positions! lol. But that’s why I’m here!

I understand how you feel completely! Been there, done that.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you don’t want to introduce anyone to the people who mean the MOST to you until you feel that it’s the right time! You must feel it 100%, without any doubt.

I can’t tell you when that will be, or even if you’ll ever feel that way with this person! But don’t bring random people around your family, especially during the holiday season. Holidays are sentimental times! You may cause things to be tense or uncomfortable for all parties involved. So I wouldn’t do it this year! Not just yet!

Now, next year if you guys are still together and you’re just as passionate about the meeting, then I’d say go for it. But after only 3 months of dating you still don’t truly know the person. And if your family is that intense, they may tear him apart if he’s not strong enough to handle them.

So NO girl, I wouldn’t do it.

What I would do is go to New York to be with my family, and he go to Savannah for his! Time apart is good! In the beginning of relationships we feel the need to be under one another all the time. But you need space to REALLY figure things out, especially if you guys are moving too fast.

Hopefully this helps!

Happy Holidays.


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