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Hey Girl! What Are Your Thoughts On New Years Resolutions?


Hey Girl!

First off, Happy New Year!

Every year I make a list of New Years Resolutions yet this year I didn’t because honestly speaking….. I NEVER stick to them past March/April.

But everyone’s been asking if I made one!

So I wanted to get your point of view.

Do you believe in making ‘New Years Resolutions’? Why or why not?


Hey Girl, Hey!

Happy New Year!

I used to believe in New Year Resolutions, but I don’t anymore and it’s for similar reasons.

Each year I’d make these long outrageous list of things I wanted to change about myself, only to realize that by May…. nothing really changed. So I’d then add those same things to the next years list. It all became to redundant, and nothing was different so I stopped!

Now I create ONE big over-all goal for the entire year. And every move I make [personal or professional] has to fit under that overall goal.

In 2017 my overall goal was #BeastMode

Meaning, I wanted to work hard & go-hard in every area of my life. Which I kept in mind during every decision making process. And each time I’d doubt myself, I would ask “Am I going hard enough?”

My overall goal for 2018 is #PurposeDrivenLife #JoyfulLiving

Meaning, this year I’m choosing to live life on purpose and be joyful in doing so! Whatever I feel is my purpose, it what will receive most [if not all] of my attention.

Then I went a step further by creating a virtual vision board that aligns with this goal.

I’ve found this process to be much easier and strategically smarter!

I’m not against new years resolutions if they are ‘helpful,’ but if not…..don’t do it.

Hopefully this answers your question.



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