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Hey Girl! What Are Your Thoughts On Plastic Surgery?


Hey Girl,

It’s almost the New Year and I’m so excited, 2017 wasn’t the best year for me! So in the spirit of everything new, I’m contemplating getting liposuction! However, I’ve been getting mixed opinions about it. So I wanted to get your thoughts on things.

Have you ever had plastic plastic surgery, and if so, what was your experience like?


Hey Girl, Hey!

First off, the only reason you should get any sort of plastic surgery is because YOU WANT TO DO IT! Not because of me or anyone else for that matter.

But to answer your question, NO I haven’t had a procedure done. However, I know a few people who has…..and their only reason for doing so was to feel better about themselves.

We live in a society were just about everything/everyone is fake! Period! I don’t know any other way to put it! You can change just about anything that you want.

And it’s okay!

Have I pondered about plastic surgery, YUP! In fact, I seriously was to get ‘smart lipo’ because I can’t get rid of my pudgy stomach, which makes me feel SOOOOOO uncomfortable in certain outfits and bathing suits.

So when I get it done, I’ll be doing it for me! To make ME feel better!

All I’ll say is to make sure that you’re going to a legit doctor and can AFFORD the procedure your seeking. And also, if you need any further validation then DON’T GET IT DONE because you’re obviously doing it for the wrong reason.

Hopefully this helps!

Happy New Year!


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