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How Much Does Your Face Cost? [Beauty Routine In Dollars]


Personally Written By Kierra M

Have you ever paid attention to how much money you spend MONTHLY on your beauty supplies? More specifically, ‘makeup.’  Probably Not!

Or how about the number of products you purchase but NEVER use!

If you’re like me and “2017” is about dedication and elevation, then you must start paying close attention to your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses! Especially if you want to see financial growth either personally or professionally.

But it’s apparent that for most women, having a great “beat” everyday is essential. So since I frequently get asked questions surrounding by make-up routine, I’ve decided to share it with you guys in dollars!

Let’s Jump Into Things…..

Item #1 Cetaphil Facial Wash/Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin [Wash: $9.52, Moisturizer: $11.79]

Cetaphil is highly recommended by dermatologist, and it’s been the ONLY thing that I’ve been able to use in order to cleanse my skin without a “burning” irritation following the wash!

Item #2 Becca “Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector [1.35Fl. Oz.] [$36.00]

My skin is very weird! I have “oily” yet “sensitive” skin, which means my primer has to not only protect my skin, but have a long-lasting “matte” finish, preventing my skins oils from bleeding through the foundation.

Sephora has the “pocket” sized Becca primer for $20, however I found that by purchasing the 40 ml tube for $36 dollars last longer.

Item #3 NYX Brown Eyebrow Pencil [$0.99]

Many use the powders and/or eyebrow wheels, I simply use a $0.99 brow pencil which I purchase at my local beauty supple store. However, I “lightly” shade in my eyebrows in order to give it that natural [powder] look.

Item #4 Elf Brand Eyebrow Brush [$1.00]

As long as the brush is “hard” I usually don’t care about the brand! Honestly!

However, I’ve found that the more expensive ones last longer compared to the ‘ELF’ brand, which has to be replaced every 3-4 months.

Item #5 L.A. Girl Pro Concealer [High Definition] [$2.99]

L.A. Pro Girl Concealer seems to be the “new wave,” even for makeup artist! It’s cheap and can be purchased at your local beauty supply store!

We’ve found that contrary to popular belief, L.A. Girl Pro Concealer is  EXTREMELY protective.

Item #6 Beauty Blender [$5.00]

I’ve paid $20 for a Sephora brand beauty blender before, only to find out that it does the same job as a $5.00 blender from“Five And Below.” So you know I choose the latter!

Item #7 MAC Pro Longwear Foundation [$34.00]

I’m NOT a MAC girl anymore, but they still have some of the best liquid foundation around! For extra protection I like to use a liquid and a powder. I purchase the 30ML liquid foundation at least once every 2 months, because I don’t use a lot!

Item #8 Sephora Brush Set [$26.00]

Here’s the thing, I don’t spend $20-$30 per makeup brush like most. I normally wait until it’s the holiday season and purchase a specially priced “Christmas Set” for a discounted rate, and the brushes last at least 1 year as long as there cleaned properly.

*If you’re experiencing a lot of facial outbreaks it could be because you’re not frequently cleaning your brushes*

Item #9 NYX Powder Foundation [$9.99]

Another Item which can be purchased at your local beauty supply store, and is EXTREMELY protective.

Item #10 Maybelline Mascara [$6.99]

I honestly purchase mascara maybe twice per year! Literally!

Item #11 Becca “Glow” Shimmering Skin [$38.00]

Daily, I highlight my cheek bones with a slight glow! You’d be amazed at the difference makes.

Item #12 NYX Matte Finish Spray [$6.99]

I finish my face off with the NYX ‘matte’ finishing spray, which provides for ‘ALL DAY WEAR.’

Total: $189.26  [WHOA!]

Please keep in mind that I DON’T purchase all of these products at once. Again, some last longer than others!

But now it’s your turn…… how much does your ‘daily’ beat cost you?


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