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“It’s FALSE!” Rocko & Future DID NOT Come To A Settlement Agreement

Honestly, we’re disappointed that things ever went this far between Future and Rocko who DOMINATED the entertainment industry!

Together they were responsible for hits like, ‘U.O.E.N.O,’ ‘Squares Out Your Circle,’ ‘One Minute’, ‘Take You Away,’ amongst MANY others.

“Hey Future, be honest…. We knew this sh*t was gon’ be great but this sh*t here beyond us. Remember it was just the two of us. Look who wit us! Of course the crew with us [freebandz] but now we got the whole U.S. wit us.”   -Rocko [Take You Away]

So when news broke that Rocko filed a lawsuit against Future, followed by the back and forth Twitter arguing, and then the countersuit, we were ALL confused.

For the uninformed, Rocko sued Future for the breach of a 2011 contract!

According to the lawsuit:

“Future’s contract stipulated his first six albums would be released through A1 Recordings. Rocko says that Future’s major label home, Epic Records, signed on to distribute these albums. But the suit alleges that Future cut a side deal with Epic Records which earned the “March Madness” rapper some multi-million dollar advances. Rocko says that he is rightfully owed 25% of those advances.

Rocko’s suit also states that he is owed 20% of Future’s earnings from touring, endorsements and other revenue sources. In total, Rocko is looking to get more than $10 million from Future.”

Read More: Rocko Sues Future for Over $10 Million – XXL | http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2016/06/rocko-sues-future/?trackback=tsmclip

TODAY, reports circulated that the two have come to a settlement agreement! But Rocko quickly took to Twitter saying:


Via lovebscott.com:

“Future will give Rocko all royalties from his next two albums. Not only that, but Future will also give Rocko 50% of his touring revenue for the next two years. In order for LA Reid and Epic to recoup the advance they gave Future when he signed the 360 deal, Future will give a percentage of any deals made outside of his recording contract back to Epic. “

If this settlement were true, Future would be agreeing to take a HUGE loss!

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